Meet Rob

Hi and thanks for visiting. I have been a professional photographer since 1994. I have accumulated many awards and accolades but that's not what matters to me. You. Authentic YOU is what matters. I take great pride in capturing the true you. Whether "you" is your family, your child or actually just you, that's what is important. Period.

Authentic Photographer. Authentic You.


The Story

This is a long one and if you have a few hours, I'd be happy to share all of it! In short, I started playing with cameras around age 10. I then studied photography at M.T.S.U. At this time, I worked with one of the world's best photographers and learned everything I could.  I then started my own studio and was very successful for all 12 years. A few years ago, I decided to take a break and had no idea when or if I'd ever feel like even holding a camera again. But here we are so let's make the most of it!!!

The Approach

My approach to photographing people is absolutely nothing I can put into words that make sense. Each and every person is ever so different. I will handle each session as uniquely as the person/people in it! Thus, you get photos as genuine and authentic as you!